Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rx for U.S. on Cuba: Chill Out

As Fidel officially relinquinshes the reigns of absolute power to Raul, I want first to say: told you so.

In some ways, Fidel's fade out proves American hysteria was only that. No major upheavals, no mass exodus from Miami back to Cuba, just a quiet--and quite expected--passing of the torch to Raul.

Second, because this guy somehow channels all of my innermost thoughts on foriegn policy even though we've never met (I sadly admit that our eyes having met that day last spring while crossing paths at Columbus Circle doesn't mean much to him), I must plagiarize and paraphrase my own blog work here to remind you that: Fareed Zakaria is so f&#%ing smart, not to mention reasonable, especially on Cuba.

So I reiterate, 3 words: Secretary of State. You listening, Senator Obama? Senator Clinton? Especially HRC, as Zakaria's critiquing that failed U.S. policy towards Cuba while he's critiquing the problematic aspects of HRC's experience, and along the way he's indicting the Democratic establishment for allowing the neocons to define the terms of almost all policy debates over the last decade.

Pictured is the Capitolio, in Havana.

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