Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Longest To Do List Ever

In lieu of harassing my friends by sending them “we have to eat here” “and here” “and here” e-mails and then forgetting or being overwhelmed by all the great options we have when it’s time to chart new dining out territory - kind of how I used to walk into video rental places pre-Netflix - I’m dedicating this post as the To Do List: Places I Must Eat in NYC Before I Die.

Here's something I came across via gothamist today. There are so many reasons to be in love with this city, and a 24-hour Belarussian deli is one of them:

Belarus II, 495-497 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-373-5595

New Food To Dos will appear (probably very) regularly in the comments here - feel free to share recommendations.

And if you wanna get serious about it, check this out.


kimberly kinchen said...

There are about 2 dozen NYC spots I've done and spots i've got to do that I could add here in 3 minutes, but I want to try to do 'em justice.

In the meantime, in preparation for next month's trip to Seattle (two weeks in a town where AC is really never, never required in August!), a start on my Seattle To Do list includes:

The Hi-Spot for brunch, where hippies and yuppies co-mingle for quintessentially upscale but down-to-earth granola-y-comfort food.

La Panzanella for - dolci, especially the lemon semolina cake, and for the eggplant and potato pizettes, the caprese foccacia, the copper countertops, and the map of the world.

That thai place near the Harvard Exit that even though it always gives me terrible indigestion, is worth it.

Lemonade at the walk-up Cedar's in the U-district.

Anything at the Winslow Cafe, if it still exists. Especially any salad garnished with Nasturtiam blossoms, although i can also munch those from alongside the home of my hosts.

The cafe stand at the Seattle Public Library central branch, just because it is in the Koolhaas-designed building, which I am deeply in love with.

Lunch at the taco place in the U-district by the water that is always packed.

If I can save the cash up, the place that Mario Batali's family runs.

Espresso at the Allegro, at least for nostalgia but also to see if they still do it right. Which I'm sure they do.

nightgrapefruit said...

Look at you linking up a storm. What exactly is pictured here? Pickle soup?

kimberly kinchen said...

yes, linking - it's the joy of rediscovering the only thing that Explorer is good for!

And those are, I believe, new pickles - so, a pickle soup, of sorts, I suppose.

dB. said...

Thanks for linking to FoodCandy! If you're a member, find me (dB.) and I'll add you to top traffikkkers.

kimberly kinchen said...

I can no longer complain that there is no good Mexican food to be found in NYC. It can now be found, it seems, almost everywhere.

I've known about Taqueira de la Fonda in Morningside Heights for months. It makes a great quick cheap dinner after an after work run in central park - on Amsterdam near 106 St.

There's Azteca near home in my Queens nabe, and last night, I was way too stuffed from an early dinner to join friends in picking up tacos al pastor from Los Portales at 25-08 Broadway in LIC. You can't miss the bubbling cauldron of meat and green onions in the front window, where the tacos are prepared. Most efficient effective marketing ever! When we got to Socrates Sculpture Garden (free summer movies!) and they unpacked their food, just the aroma of lime alone prompted my whining all over. So that's what I'm lunching on today.