Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Four years late

The Times is live blogging the New Hampshire primaries. Which is like, 4 years too late, but whatever. I can't really talk since I only got a cell phone 3 years ago and I'm about to give it up.

SO. I think it's hard to get live-blogging wrong, and I'm not going to pick on the Times for that. But here's yet another thing about what is wrong with journalism: take a tiny grain of partial truth or a stereotype, and plant the seeds that will turn it into narrative that gets rehashed from here to the first Tuesday in November. And this particular narrative will just be bad for everyone, but mostly for seriously reinforcing some gender mythology:

9:10 p.m. | It’s Just Emotion That’s Taking Me Over We’re hearing from one of our reporters at Clinton headquarters that the
women have turned out for Mrs. Clinton because of her display of emotion yesterday.
That was the galvanizing factor. More to
you as soon as we have it.

In any case, it's looking like the primaries might actually be a competition after all. If HRC wins tonight, wouldn't it put all the political commentators' knickers in a twist if Edwards takes the next one?

UPDATE: Competition for both teams, with HRC and McCain taking NH, bonus that Romney came out ahead of Huckabee here to make things really interesting. That's more like it.

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