Monday, February 25, 2008

FP Passport is Open for Business - I mean, Comments

And it's about damn time. One of the best fopo blogs around--smart without taking itself too seriously, entertaining without dumbing anything down, fair without bending over to ridiculous lengths to get "both" sides--is now open for comments.

For years I just thought I was too techno-mojo-retarded to figure that part out, even after I subscribed to the mag, which I thought would get me special privileges. But, not TMR. Just kinda slow to figure out there was no comment function. Many a time I wanted to say something, only to hit a dead end. It was kind of funny to call that a blog when it didn't have one of the basic functions, but FP Passport is so close to making being a wonk fun that it could get away with no comments all that time, I guess.

I hope they don't mind my pulling the logo from the site. I am cheerleading for them, after all...

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