Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Arresting George Monbiot

A quick but substantial one I just came across during bedtime reading:

While George Monbiot (pictured here, via the Guardian) failed in his attempt at making a citizen's arrest of John Bolton, there's nothing to do but admire the effort. If the U.S. Congress won't go after war criminals, perhaps it's up to like minded citizens of of the world to do it. Sure, the American constitution suffers when our own don't act, but it might actually do that making-the-world-safer-for-democracy thing. And sure, it might cause a little havoc here, but imagine, all over the world, deserving officials from this administration (and there are of course no lack thereof) being arrested by common men and women of the world.

UPDATE: The Guardian's Micheal White--who wrote aforementioned story--talks about just what a war criminal is and whether or not Bolton fits the bill. Also, you can now find a slideshow of Monbiot's arrest attempt. Bolton received a warm reception, it seems:


Tori said...

Do you think we can get close enough to perform a citizen's arrest on GWB?

kimberly kinchen said...

Alas, I bet he never leaves the ranch after he steps out of the White House, hence, low probability even if you discount the SS detail. But, perhaps Michael Moore could make his next movie trying to make a series of citizen's arrests of Bushies!