Monday, April 28, 2008

"When he picks his nose, which digit does he use?" or: Why I oppose the 24-hour news cycle

Because such a great portion of my adult life has been spent under the influence of the internet and the 24-hour news cycle it begat, my attention span is too short to read this entire article at the moment (okay, other contributing factors include the fact that I'm also stuffed full of home-cooked Afghan food and baklava and it's past my bedtime).

But I don't need to, really. All I need to know is that Charlie Brooker of The Guardian is writing on the idiocy of 24-hour TV news. The only point on which I beg to differ is the idea that the malady of the 24-hour news cycle is limited to TV. The Guardian itself, while not exercising the heightened levels of gratuitous curiousity of, say, the New York Times, has been to know to engage in its own form of speculation over nose-picking from time to time.

Image of the CNN center a la wikipedia commons, as per usual.

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