Thursday, January 18, 2007

Futbol Facts

I e-mailed my first draft of my master's project off on Tuesday, and had enough time in the afternoon to stop in to catch what I thought would be an easy Barca victory over a less accomplished team. After Barca was up 2-0 early on, the boys clearly thought it would be easy, too, and started to play that way. Until they found themselves facing a little guy named Wellington and a 2-2 tie shortly thereafter. What I thought would have been a boring game in an almost-deserted bar turned into quite a thrilling 3-2 win and made up for my having missed too many matches lately. Victory is always sweeter when it's hard-earned.

First half drink: bloody mary
Optional: meat pie
Second half drink: guinness (usually only when needing reinforcement during a close match, like Tuesday's against Alaves)
51% of reason for supporting Barca: mas que un club
49% of reason: There's not a bully or grandstander in the bunch. Plus Ronaldinho has the grace to never forget to say thanks to God for helping him look good. And then, as I have previously observed, Frank Rykaard always looks gorgeous in a suit.
Hero of the day: Saviola
Possibly edging out Gio as my fave: Guily.

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