Thursday, September 14, 2006

More Rx for Dubya: More Deep Breaths

I am shocked! Simply shocked, I tell you, to learn that
the U.S. may have distorted its report on Iran's nuclear program

I shouldn't make At least they didn't send poor Colin Powell out with a Power Point as Exhibit A this time round.

No response yet from DC.....

UPDATE: I'm a bad blogger and posted after reading the BBC report but not reading the U.S. report or the IAEA's reply. Let me start over.....

I am shocked, simply shocked, to learn that the U.S. DID distort its report on Iran's nuclear program. Here's the IAEA reply to the U.S. Report. Read it - it's short, and quite informative.


nightgrapefruit said...

Did you know that Ahmadinejad had his own blog?!

kimberly kinchen said...

Yes! Meant to post, but I could never get into the English-language site. I'll get it up there (I have a know, the usual).