Thursday, August 03, 2006

Namesake & First Amendment Fundamentalist

Lenny Bruce was found dead 30 years ago last week. I suppose I named the cat after this guy because I could then pretend that the spirit of Lenny Bruce was always near. Not the overdosing, lawsuit-obsessive, betrayer-of-friends part of him, but the part of him that would keep up his routine city after city, knowing he was more likely than not to be hauled away to jail again and again, just for using the f-word. I'm not sure he's a First Amendment martyr, as some would cast him, but he was definitely a First Amendment Fundmentalist (I'm so making the t-shirt), the only kind of fundamentalist I can appreciate.

If I attribute this photo to Getty Images via the BBC, does that make it okay to use here? I hope so.

In the future: fewer photos of people, especially icons.


nightgrapefruit said...

Lenny looks a little like his namesake.

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