Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Personal Equations

From wiki:
"The personal equation, in 19th- and early 20th-century science, referred to the idea that every individual observer had an inherent bias when it came to measurements and observations."


Those clever scientists decided the only way you could adjust for these biases was to take the measurements of several scientists, in order to find, for example, the correct location of that star you were all looking at.

That's my theory of journalism. Many stories, many sources, something closer to the truth. Where they overlap and intersect dwells something closer to the truth. I don't understand the religious attachment to the idea of journalistic objectivity. I don't believe that it exists. And I think it's silly to keep pretending that anyone can be objective. Really. Silly.

So, here you will also find my personal equations on whatever it is up i'm to writing about or listening to.


nightgrapefruit said...
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nightgrapefruit said...

bring 'em on! your personal equations are so close to mine.

nightgrapefruit said...

Where'd you go?!

nightgrapefruit said...

are you still seeking out a source?

kimberly kinchen said...

nah. I found it, and it's Nord. I'm gonna write all about Nord. But you know, I packed up my stuff, and now I have to find it all again. Soon, Soon.

Also, I'm lazy. I'm so lazy I forgot my login and password, so I have to find that first.